Effective, Practical, Engaging Training

Your team probably includes a mix of experience. Here is what each can expect. The old pros get training which honors their expertise and challenges them to stretch. They leave with revitalized attitude and stronger skills. The rookies get treated with respect, too. They leave with sound skills, practical tools and greater confidence — ready to do the work needed to succeed.

I’ve been teaching the art of consultative style cold calling, sales, and service since 1993. Use this website to get a good sense of both substance and style. Contact us to explore the potential fit.

  • “Shawn Greene’s consultative calling approach is quite effective with our C-Suite prospects. (Calling and Sales) training also transformed our team’s attitude.”
    - Richard Stanaro, Vice President North America, London and Partners
  • “I’d recommend your workshops to any business that wants their representatives to step out of their comfort zone and really learn new skills.”
    - Debra Nelson, Training Director, California Bancshares
  • “I needed to turn ‘service’ reps into sales reps. I also needed one company that could deal with frightened beginners and the skeptical old-timers. You got rave reviews. More importantly, sales have increased about 40%.”
    - Mike Smith, Call Center Director, Wells Fargo Bank
  • “It’s worth noting Shawn ably trains both senior representatives, as well as recent college grads new to our firm.”
    - Richard Stanaro, Vice President North America, London and Partners
  • “I was dragging my feet about coming to training. I thought, ‘I’ve been calling for years and don’t need this.’ Within thirty minutes that thinking changed to, ‘Pay attention! You’re going to learn a lot today!'”
    - Mike Frith, Vice President, Mechanics Bank
  • “Shawn’s approach to cold call training is very comprehensive. She delivers a great scope of hands-on examples and makes cold calling fun! These are great programs and I feel I have a sales mentor.'”
    - Audrianna Sibiski, Territory Associate, London and Partners
Shawn Greene

Our Training Programs

Cold Calling

Teaching a consultative style that works exceptionally well on both ends of the phone line — even if you’d rather have a root canal.


Teaching results-oriented consultative skills: Uncovering the fit, qualifying, handling objections, closing and more.

Customer Service

Teaching customer-oriented skills and fostering pride: Phone etiquette, handling requests, defusing and handling complaints, cross-selling and more.


Highly informative and engaging keynotes which provide practical value audiences can apply immediately.

Instructional Design

Training programs and instructional tools for unique, singular, or highly proprietary situations. References sales and service providers often need to use; including policy and procedure manuals.

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