1.5 Strategic Problems With “Warm” Calls

I've covered problems with the concept of “warm” calls at a tactical/caller level elsewhere. This article heads to the C-suite to cover one and one-half strategic problems summed up this way: “warm” brings “cold” with it.   The Half-Problem Using “warm” and its concepts sets unrealistic expectations and encourages counterproductive calling methods. This eventually generates frustration, [...]

1.5 Strategic Problems With “Warm” Calls2022-06-07T07:52:48-07:00

Why Calling B2B and B2C are (not) Different

(Excerpt from book) My favorite cold calling myth is this one: calling B2B is different from calling B2C. The idea behind this myth is when calling business owners, C-suite, and other executives we need to use a sophisticated approach because these guys are intelligent. We need to get right to the point because these guys are [...]

Why Calling B2B and B2C are (not) Different2019-10-03T13:05:02-07:00

What’s a sales pro doing in instructional design?

How did Shawn Greene, salesperson, add "instructional design" to her toolkit? Here's the scoop: After many years as a high-performing sales rep I became interested in why sales methods work or fail, and how to teach others to thrive in sales. This inspired a transition into training, a role that allowed me to apply a broader range [...]

What’s a sales pro doing in instructional design?2022-02-01T07:57:25-08:00

Articulate vs. Captivate: Which is Better?

Several months back, I posted a simple question in two LinkedIn ATD groups: Articulate or Captivate – which do you like better, and why? I asked because I wanted to refresh familiarity with these apps. Though I had used Captivate and Articulate in the past, it had been about five years (just so happened they weren’t [...]

Articulate vs. Captivate: Which is Better?2019-10-03T13:08:44-07:00
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