Articulate vs. Captivate: Which is Better?

(Updated in 2023) Back in 2018, I posted a simple question in two LinkedIn ATD groups: Articulate or Captivate – which do you like better, and why? I asked because I wanted to refresh familiarity with these apps. Though I had previously used Captivate and Articulate, it had been a while (just so happened they weren’t [...]

Articulate vs. Captivate: Which is Better?2023-02-14T11:28:01-08:00

Why Do Customers DO That!?

Many service reps, especially those in call centers, deal with customers who are irritable, impatient, annoyed, and downright rude. We know that kind of attitude comes up when people are confused, frustrated, angry or disappointed. Here’s the question answered in this article: Why do so many customers call or come in with a bad attitude already [...]

Why Do Customers DO That!?2024-01-15T16:00:39-08:00

Phone Phobia: Not Just for Old People Anymore

Reports of phone phobia among younger people are numerous. Is this scourge affecting Millennials and the alphabet generations the same way it ails older people? The answer is yes and no. The ‘no’ part is that the end result is the same: not making calls, or being less successful with calling. However, the reasons behind fear [...]

Phone Phobia: Not Just for Old People Anymore2024-01-15T16:03:59-08:00
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