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Do You Need a Comprehensive Approach to Marketing and Selling?

Organizations often say they want a comprehensive or consistent approach to marketing and selling. Their various business groups often say they need something unique. Here’s a look at which things should be the same — and which should not. Use the Same Basic Definitions An organization that speaks the same language has good communication and consistent [...]

Do You Need a Comprehensive Approach to Marketing and Selling?2019-08-13T09:46:16-07:00

Busting the Buyers Journey Baloney

Instead of simply busting this "buyer's journey" silliness I’d like to honor the man who equipped me to do that, and pass a bit of what he taught on. (Myth busted below.) About 36 years ago, after putting it off as long as possible, I entered Professor Keston’s classroom to begin a year of required statistics. [...]

Busting the Buyers Journey Baloney2019-10-30T15:45:49-07:00

Is that Fire in Your Belly, or Lunch?

Dear Shawn: I didn't get a sales job I really wanted. In the interview, my potential boss said he was looking for people with a fire in their belly. I think in my answer I blew it. How could I have shown him that I have that fire? Shawn says: You would have had to find [...]

Is that Fire in Your Belly, or Lunch?2019-08-14T16:46:37-07:00