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Do You Suffer from Quarter-end Choke?

It’s mid-March, mid-June, mid-September, or worst of all: late November. Your sales numbers are not where you want them to be. Hot prospects have cooled off. Your manager is pushing like mad. You feel like your brain and confidence are crawling through thick mud. That, my friends, is supposedly a choke, to which I say baloney! [...]

Do You Suffer from Quarter-end Choke?2019-06-12T16:29:29-07:00

Comprehensive Marketing and Selling

Organizations often say they want a comprehensive or consistent approach to marketing and selling. Their various business groups often say they need something unique. Here’s a look at which things should be the same—and which should not. Use the Same Basic Definitions An organization that speaks the same language has good communication and consistent expectations—which feed [...]

Comprehensive Marketing and Selling2017-01-07T23:47:55-07:00

Busting the Buyers Journey Baloney

Instead of simply busting this “buyer’s journey” silliness I’d like to honor the man who equipped me to do that, and pass a bit of what he taught on. (Myth busted below.) About 36 years ago, after putting it off as long as possible, I entered Professor Keston’s classroom to begin a year of required statistics. [...]

Busting the Buyers Journey Baloney2017-06-23T12:23:31-07:00

How to Change the Inquiry

A call, chat or email comes in. Prospect asks, “Do you have…?” or “How much?” We think, it depends and we offer so much more. We think, we prefer strategic relationships or sell on price, lose on price. In other words, we want to have a different conversation than the prospect does. Here are tips for [...]

How to Change the Inquiry2017-09-25T12:30:34-07:00

Is that Fire in Your Belly, or Lunch?

Dear Shawn: I didn’t get a sales job I really wanted. In the interview, my potential boss said he was looking for people with a fire in their belly. I think in my answer I blew it. How could I have shown him that I have that fire? Shawn says: […]

Is that Fire in Your Belly, or Lunch?2011-11-10T16:36:26-07:00