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The Fading Sales Funnel

Back when I was a sales pup, we reps and our managers used an equation to set expectations for performance (now known as “metrics”). The equation started at the top of the proverbial funnel with calling, flowed through several points—response, appointments, qualifying and closing—down to the small end of the funnel and new business. We used [...]

The Fading Sales Funnel2023-02-13T09:11:40-08:00

Shout Out for Dudley and Goodson

I am careful about using the phrase "call reluctance" and you may need to be, too. Here's why. First, I want to introduce you to Shannon L. Goodson and George W. Dudley, the authors of The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance: Earning What You're Worth in Sales. It was Dudley who coined the phrase "call reluctance" [...]

Shout Out for Dudley and Goodson2022-03-31T09:05:32-07:00

How (Not) to Raise Funds

Once upon a time, our homes were constantly invaded by telemarketers. They were pushy, rude, assumptive and would not take “no” for an answer unless we pronounced it at least three times. This grew from an inconvenience to an invasion so significant laws were passed to quell these calls…almost. What remains are largely calls from political [...]

How (Not) to Raise Funds2019-08-14T15:51:11-07:00

Writing: The Joys of Bad Grammar

"You're grammar is not very good." Someone recently wrote to say I should work on the grammar in an article. The person contacted me privately instead of posting a comment -- sort of like pulling me aside to tell me I had something stuck in my teeth. They meant to be helpful so I did not [...]

Writing: The Joys of Bad Grammar2022-06-06T07:47:48-07:00

Mind Control: Why Some Calls to Action Work and Some Don’t

“Register” “Buy Now” “If you’re interested, call me back.” Those are examples of a marketing call to action -- a term and practice that’s been around for over 100 years. The first two work, the third doesn’t. This article tells you why. What a Call to Action is Supposed to Do A call to action is [...]

Mind Control: Why Some Calls to Action Work and Some Don’t2019-08-14T15:56:56-07:00
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