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Step 3: Map CRM to Your Contact Groups

Have you created the list of groups of contacts you deal with? Now it’s time to see if a CRM will map to them. First, a few reminders and tips: Step one was about identifying and listing groups of contacts using a simple approach, not CRM-lingo. Your list should be on paper. Do not let the [...]

Step 3: Map CRM to Your Contact Groups2015-08-24T19:13:30-07:00

Step 4: Test CRM for Marketing

Before we get into evaluating a CRM’s fit for marketing here is a definition and delineation: Marketing is the stuff we do to gain our prospects’ attention and regain our clients’ attention. Marketing tools include mail, email, phone, and web-based interaction — to name the most common tools. (Prospecting is marketing, too; it’s the things we [...]

Step 4: Test CRM for Marketing2015-08-24T19:13:06-07:00

Step 5: Test CRM for Selling

At last we come to the sweet spot for many CRM: management of contacts within the selling process. As you get into testing CRMs’ fit for your selling, remember these key points: You probably have contacts beyond those you are selling to. If your CRM doesn’t support dealing with those contacts it will be a waste [...]

Step 5: Test CRM for Selling2015-08-24T19:12:36-07:00