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Fine Tunes for Benefit Statements

Benefit statements are a staple of sales and customer service. This article focuses on some of the nuances, including tips for teaching others to create their own benefit statements. Reminder: There are myriad ways to express benefits but they fall into just six categories: convenience, save money, increase money or value, peace of mind, appeal to [...]

Fine Tunes for Benefit Statements2019-06-12T16:29:29-07:00

How to Add Power to Benefit Statements

Features and benefits: a sales and service basic, right? Yes, expressing benefits is a fundamental skill but that doesn’t mean pros don’t need refreshers. Here’s a mini-lecture on why working on benefit statements is a good idea: There are now more opportunities for expressing benefits. We’re communicating via text and chat and email and webinar and [...]

How to Add Power to Benefit Statements2019-06-12T16:29:29-07:00

Why Do Customers Stay Mad After You Fixed the Problem?

Service reps deal with lots of customers who are irritable, impatient, annoyed, and downright rude. It’s understood that behavior comes from frustration, worry, and the idea that the angry-squeaky wheel gets the grease. Here are the questions for this article: Why do customers stay that way even when they got what they wanted? Why don’t more [...]

Why Do Customers Stay Mad After You Fixed the Problem?2019-08-14T16:40:36-07:00