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What’s a sales pro doing in instructional design?

How did Shawn Greene, salesperson, add "instructional design" to her toolkit? Here's the scoop: "After many years as a high-performing sales rep I became interested in why sales methods work or fail, and how to teach others to thrive in sales. This inspired a transition into training, a role that allowed me to apply a broader range of [...]

What’s a sales pro doing in instructional design?2019-06-12T16:29:29-07:00

Articulate vs. Captivate: Which is Better?

Several months back, I posted a simple question in two LinkedIn ATD groups: Articulate or Captivate – which do you like better, and why? I asked because I wanted to refresh familiarity with these apps. Though I had used Captivate and Articulate in the past, it had been about five years (just so happened they weren’t [...]

Articulate vs. Captivate: Which is Better?2019-06-12T16:29:29-07:00

How to Fix Problems Caused by Professional Slang (With Samples)

Misleading or confusing information is a common cause of inefficiency and errors. The same is true for professional slang -- lingo that's understood by one group but not by others. Take "disruptive" for example. A disruptive tech product is currently a good thing, yet disruptive employees are not. Most instructional designers have examples of how they [...]

How to Fix Problems Caused by Professional Slang (With Samples)2019-06-12T16:29:29-07:00

Comprehensive Marketing and Selling

Organizations often say they want a comprehensive or consistent approach to marketing and selling. Their various business groups often say they need something unique. Here’s a look at which things should be the same—and which should not. Use the Same Basic Definitions An organization that speaks the same language has good communication and consistent expectations—which feed [...]

Comprehensive Marketing and Selling2017-01-07T23:47:55-07:00

Successor Trustees – Are Your Employees Ready?

A successor trustee walks in to one of your branches or calls your service center. Maybe they’re an existing customer. Maybe they chose your bank because that’s where their recently deceased parent has his or her accounts. Either way, this is a terrific opportunity… and chances are high your employees aren’t ready for it. As our [...]

Successor Trustees – Are Your Employees Ready?2015-10-07T16:24:07-07:00