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Writing: The Joys of Bad Grammar

"You're grammar is not very good." Someone recently wrote to say I should work on the grammar in an article. The person contacted me privately instead of posting a comment -- sort of like pulling me aside to tell me I had something stuck in my teeth. They meant to be helpful so I did not [...]

Writing: The Joys of Bad Grammar2022-06-06T07:47:48-07:00

How to Save the World with Post-its

Think that’s a lofty title? Using the Post-it method, you can tap your creativity, focus effectively, plan and follow through brilliantly, and even sleep better at night. Who knows what that might lead to? The method is perfect when you need to create a report, paper, plan, presentation or proposal. It’s a great tool to use [...]

How to Save the World with Post-its2022-02-01T07:52:55-08:00

The Post-it Method Step-by-Step

Materials: You need a bunch of Post-its and something to write with. It helps to use just one size and one color Post-it. However, that’s not vital -- use what you have as long as they are large enough to write on. However, do not plan to use different colors or sizes to organize, prioritize, and [...]

The Post-it Method Step-by-Step2019-08-13T17:01:17-07:00
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