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Freebies to help you help successor trustees

For Internal use: This document covers some basics about living trust accounts. It's in Word, ready for your changes: Be sure to add where people can find the form, as well as the instructions for customers. Those spots are highlighted in yellow. The footer shows how to contact me for customizing. You may want to delete [...]

Freebies to help you help successor trustees2015-10-07T16:39:56-07:00

PowerPoint vs. Word: Choosing Well

PowerPoint is often the program of choice for creating any ole document — and often the wrong choice. For more about how we acquired this bad habit and why you may want to break it, see this article. This article provides tips on which program to use for what. […]

PowerPoint vs. Word: Choosing Well2015-05-20T03:19:41-07:00

Why to Fight PowerPoint’s Power

This article is not meant to bring the news PowerPoint tends to induce boredom—we all know that—it’s about why that happens. The inspiration is the many organizations which use PowerPoint for almost every sort of document, even though that’s less productive and most people dislike seeing it. So how did we get to this sad state? [...]

Why to Fight PowerPoint’s Power2015-05-20T03:20:48-07:00

Writing: The Joys of Bad Grammar

"You're grammar is not very good." Someone recently wrote to say I should work on the grammar in an article. The person contacted me privately instead of posting a comment -- sort of like pulling me aside to tell me I had something stuck in my teeth. They meant to be helpful so I did not [...]

Writing: The Joys of Bad Grammar2017-07-15T12:04:29-07:00

How to Save the World with Post-its

Think that’s a lofty title? Using the Post-it method, you can tap your creativity, focus effectively, plan and follow through brilliantly, and even sleep better at night. Who knows what that might lead to? The method is perfect when you need to create a report, paper, plan, presentation or proposal. It’s a great tool to use [...]

How to Save the World with Post-its2014-05-19T16:21:53-07:00