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Calling Cell Numbers: Part Two

Some people become irate over prospecting calls on their cell phone. How dare someone call this very special o-so-private number! In part one I explained why that’s kinda silly. This article covers how to handle it. But first let’s deal with the risk of calling cell numbers. The Risk in Calling Cell Phones Part of what [...]

Calling Cell Numbers: Part Two2017-07-19T14:12:28-07:00

The Wrong Way to Warm Calls Up

The most common way people try to warm calls up is by mailing or emailing first. This common effort comes with common errors. This article covers the errors, how to avoid them, and how to successfully blend letters/emails with calling. […]

The Wrong Way to Warm Calls Up2017-07-01T08:44:24-07:00

Why B2B and B2C are (not) Different

(Excerpt from book) My favorite cold calling myth is this one: calling B2B is different from calling B2C. The idea behind this myth is when calling business owners, C-suite, and other executives we need to use a sophisticated approach because these guys are intelligent. We need to get right to the point because these guys are [...]

Why B2B and B2C are (not) Different2017-06-26T10:47:34-07:00

Shout Out for Dudley and Goodson

I am careful about using the phrase “call reluctance” and you may need to be, too. Here’s why. Shannon L. Goodson and George W. Dudley are the authors of The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance: Earning What You’re Worth in Sales. This is an appreciation for Dudley in particular, who coined the phrase “call reluctance” maybe [...]

Shout Out for Dudley and Goodson2017-10-23T12:38:32-07:00