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The Wrong Way to Warm Calls Up

The most common way people try to warm calls up is by mailing or emailing first. This common effort comes with common errors. This article covers the errors, how to avoid them, and how to successfully blend letters/emails with calling. This really has to begin with unrealistic expectations for what letters or emails can do to [...]

The Wrong Way to Warm Calls Up2019-06-12T16:29:29-07:00

Shout Out for Dudley and Goodson

I am careful about using the phrase "call reluctance" and you may need to be, too. Here's why. Shannon L. Goodson and George W. Dudley are the authors of The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance: Earning What You're Worth in Sales. This is an appreciation for Dudley in particular, who coined the phrase "call reluctance" maybe [...]

Shout Out for Dudley and Goodson2019-08-14T13:35:25-07:00

Mind Control: Why Some Calls to Action Work and Some Don’t

“Register” “Buy Now” “If you’re interested, call me back.” Those are examples of a marketing call to action -- a term and practice that’s been around for over 100 years. The first two work, the third doesn’t. This article tells you why. What a Call to Action is Supposed to Do A call to action is [...]

Mind Control: Why Some Calls to Action Work and Some Don’t2019-08-14T15:56:56-07:00

How to Shop for Lists

Where Lists Come From The types of data available is absolutely mind-boggling. We’re talking anything from what kinds of soup people in Oregon buy, to web-traffic habits of male executives who buy soup, to all soup can manufacturers in Ohio with between 501 and 723 employees. There is tons of data, but there are only a [...]

How to Shop for Lists2019-08-14T16:07:34-07:00

Liability Insurance Primer

Got any "errors and omissions" insurance? Do you really need that? (Does it actually exist?) Whether you need or "should" have liability insurance becomes a sales issue for many consultants, in particular. Since I often provide training to commercial insurance brokers I have access to pros who can answer that question.  This Primer was created with [...]

Liability Insurance Primer2020-03-10T10:50:49-07:00

Is “social” networking networking?

The short answer is yes, of course! As much as some may say it's different, the new wave, will supplant in-person networking... The interactions you have on LinkedIn, specific listserves, Twitter, and even Facebook are indeed networking. Include these activities in your networking analysis, giving them their own rows. (See "Is your networking working?" for more [...]

Is “social” networking networking?2019-08-14T16:32:53-07:00