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Is Your Networking Working?

Networking can be an excellent marketing tool to include in the mix. Because networking is often a favorite, it’s also easy to spend more time, money, and effort than it’s worth. Here's how to use a simple matrix to make informed decisions. Create a matrix or table that has six columns: Column 1 - Organization and event [...]

Is Your Networking Working?2019-08-14T16:36:10-07:00

Prospects’ reaction, and motivation

Tania asked: I get motivated when I feel I am making a meaningful difference in the lives of others. I think this could hurt me because of how I perceive negative reactions on the phone. Any suggestions for people like me to remain motivated when cold calling? Hi Tania – You are bringing up two things [...]

Prospects’ reaction, and motivation2019-08-14T16:37:07-07:00

New Phone Problems for Old Pros?

Dear Shawn: Ever heard of anyone who has been in sales forever suddenly catching call reluctance? I used to make hundreds of cold calls each week, but that was years ago. Now I'm struggling to pick up the phone. Shawn says: Yes, I have heard of successful, experienced sales reps suddenly experiencing a strong desire to [...]

New Phone Problems for Old Pros?2019-08-14T16:49:35-07:00

Not Enough Appointments

Dear Shawn: After reading your book (great book, by the way), I have been cold calling every day and tracking results. I'm not getting the appointments I need. I'm calling homes during the day. My best day, I called 87 people and connected with 16 and got 2 appointments. But on the other days I made [...]

Not Enough Appointments2019-08-14T16:49:57-07:00