“Say what!?” Myth-busting and more

Why Colors and Other Personality Tests are Junk

“Personality” assessments have been positioned as business tools for many years. From Myers-Briggs, to DiSC, to the briefly popular Colors, these supposedly help us better understand and communicate with others—including sell to them. Before covering why such tools are often counterproductive in selling, I want to address their unintended darker side. […]

Why Colors and Other Personality Tests are Junk2024-01-15T16:08:53-08:00

Communicate: Are You Sending the Right Message?

Ah, communication! We want to communicate clearly and effectively...but we can inadvertently send the wrong message. Here are common words and phrases that can trip us up. I'll start with "just" and "actually" because using them purposely does not cause problems -- using them as a verbal habit does. "Just" We use the word "just" to [...]

Communicate: Are You Sending the Right Message?2019-06-24T10:43:28-07:00

Shout Out for Dudley and Goodson

I am careful about using the phrase "call reluctance" and you may need to be, too. Here's why. First, I want to introduce you to Shannon L. Goodson and George W. Dudley, the authors of The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance: Earning What You're Worth in Sales. It was Dudley who coined the phrase "call reluctance" [...]

Shout Out for Dudley and Goodson2022-03-31T09:05:32-07:00

Busting the Buyer’s Journey Baloney

Instead of simply busting this "buyer's journey" silliness I’d like to honor the man who equipped me to do that, and pass a bit of what he taught on. (Myth busted below.) Some years ago — after putting it off as long as possible — I entered Professor Keston’s classroom to begin a year of required [...]

Busting the Buyer’s Journey Baloney2023-02-01T12:38:55-08:00

The Definition of Insanity is…

Time for a rant... It drives me crazy when people say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. Pun intended. The miss-use of a quote along those lines is not just wrong, it reveals ignorance of what a colon does. (The two-vertical-dots kind of colon, not [...]

The Definition of Insanity is…2020-04-30T13:26:57-07:00
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