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Liability Insurance Primer

Got any "errors and omissions" insurance? Do you really need that? (Does it actually exist?) Whether you need or "should" have liability insurance becomes a sales issue for many consultants, in particular. Since I often provide training to commercial insurance brokers I have access to pros who can answer that question.  This Primer was created with [...]

Liability Insurance Primer2020-03-10T10:50:49-07:00

Myth Busted: The Elements of Communication

You’ve heard the elements of communication are body language (55%), tone of voice (35%), and words (10%)? Who hasn’t? The above was based on a study done in 1967 and became very popular in the 1970’s. Body language ended up with star billing and its fan club continues today. That’s unfortunate because it doesn’t particularly deserve [...]

Myth Busted: The Elements of Communication2019-08-14T16:42:49-07:00

Is that Fire in Your Belly, or Lunch?

Dear Shawn: I didn't get a sales job I really wanted. In the interview, my potential boss said he was looking for people with a fire in their belly. I think in my answer I blew it. How could I have shown him that I have that fire? Shawn says: You would have had to find [...]

Is that Fire in Your Belly, or Lunch?2019-08-14T16:46:37-07:00
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