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1.5 Strategic Problems With “Warm” Calls

I've covered problems with the concept of “warm” calls at a tactical/caller level elsewhere. This article heads to the C-suite to cover one and one-half strategic problems summed up this way: “warm” brings “cold” with it.   The Half-Problem Using “warm” and its concepts sets unrealistic expectations and encourages counterproductive calling methods. This eventually generates frustration, [...]

1.5 Strategic Problems With “Warm” Calls2022-06-07T07:52:48-07:00

Why Colors and Other Personality Tests are Baloney

“Personality” assessments have been positioned as business tools for many years. From Myers-Briggs, to DiSC, to the recently popular Colors, these supposedly help us better understand and communicate with others—including sell to them. Before covering why such tools are often counterproductive in selling, I want to address their unintended darker side. […]

Why Colors and Other Personality Tests are Baloney2021-12-02T08:20:19-08:00

How to Add Power to Benefit Statements

Features and benefits: a sales and service basic, right? Yes, expressing benefits is a fundamental skill but that doesn’t mean pros don’t need refreshers. Here’s a mini-lecture on why working on benefit statements is a good idea: There are now more opportunities for expressing benefits. We’re communicating via text and chat and email and webinar and [...]

How to Add Power to Benefit Statements2020-12-19T15:30:16-08:00

Phone Phobia: Not Just for Old People Anymore

Reports of phone phobia among younger people are still numerous. Is this scourge affecting 'Millennials' different from what ails older people? The answer is yes and no. The no part is that the end result is the same: not making calls, or being less successful with calling. However, the reasons behind fear of phone are indeed [...]

Phone Phobia: Not Just for Old People Anymore2019-08-13T07:43:55-07:00

Do You Suffer from Quarter-end Choke?

It’s mid-March, mid-June, mid-September, or worst of all: late November. Your sales numbers are not where you want them to be. Hot prospects have cooled off. Your manager is pushing like mad. You feel like your brain and confidence are crawling through thick mud. That, my friends, is supposedly a choke, to which I say baloney! [...]

Do You Suffer from Quarter-end Choke?2019-08-13T07:25:14-07:00

Do You Need a Comprehensive Approach to Marketing and Selling?

Organizations often say they want a comprehensive or consistent approach to marketing and selling. Their various business groups often say they need something unique. Here’s a look at which things should be the same — and which should not. […]

Do You Need a Comprehensive Approach to Marketing and Selling?2022-04-04T08:25:22-07:00
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