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Rating System

Do not rate prospects you’re marketing to, keep these in a prospecting bucket. Do not rate prospects who have only scheduled the first sales conversation. Only rate prospects with whom you’ve had at least one actual sales conversation. Apply points as you uncover information and/or as things change. This lets you rate prospects throughout the process. [...]

Rating System2023-02-23T08:20:11-08:00

Phone Phobia: Not Just for Old People Anymore

Reports of phone phobia among younger people are numerous. Is this scourge affecting Millennials and the alphabet generations the same way it ails older people? The answer is yes and no. The no part is that the end result is the same: not making calls, or being less successful with calling. However, the reasons behind fear [...]

Phone Phobia: Not Just for Old People Anymore2022-12-23T13:21:50-08:00

Why Colors and Other Personality Tests are Junk

“Personality” assessments have been positioned as business tools for many years. From Myers-Briggs, to DiSC, to the recently popular Colors, these supposedly help us better understand and communicate with others—including sell to them. Before covering why such tools are often counterproductive in selling, I want to address their unintended darker side. […]

Why Colors and Other Personality Tests are Junk2023-02-02T10:40:48-08:00
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