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What’s a sales pro doing in instructional design?

How did Shawn Greene, salesperson, add "instructional design" to her toolkit? Here's the scoop: "After many years as a high-performing sales rep I became interested in why sales methods work or fail, and how to teach others to thrive in sales. This inspired a transition into training, a role that allowed me to apply a broader range of [...]

What’s a sales pro doing in instructional design?2019-08-13T07:45:13-07:00

Consultants: How to Sell Confidently and Comfortably

Consultants often have trouble with selling. The process feels awkward, the skills seem undesirable, results are poor -- this can snowball and affect consultants' confidence in their own expertise. The good news is most consultants already have what's needed to sell more confidently, comfortably, and successfully. This article covers four common challenges and how consultants can [...]

Consultants: How to Sell Confidently and Comfortably2019-06-12T16:29:29-07:00

PowerPoint vs. Word: Choosing Well

PowerPoint is often the program of choice for creating any ole document -- and often the wrong choice. For more about how we acquired this bad habit and why you may want to break it, see this article. This article provides tips on which program to use for what. Before you open Word, PowerPoint or Excel [...]

PowerPoint vs. Word: Choosing Well2019-08-13T14:37:24-07:00

Why to Fight PowerPoint’s Power

We all know PowerPoint tends to induce boredom. Despite that, many organizations expect it to be used in almost any setting and for almost any document. This article is about how we ended up here, and why dumping this cultural norm is a good idea. To understand the "power" in PowerPoint, you have to understand what [...]

Why to Fight PowerPoint’s Power2019-08-14T15:40:19-07:00

Why I’m not a “learning” professional

The training, teaching, and performance development field has its fads and slang -- like any other. Ages ago, training was often described as an "intervention," prompting an image of someone running into a classroom and yelling, "Stop! Stop!" These days it's common to see we pros described as "learning" professionals.  Now, most of us are into [...]

Why I’m not a “learning” professional2019-08-14T16:31:46-07:00

Learning Styles, Anyone?

Audio, visual, tactile, experiential, kinesthetic…these are learning styles, right? Not quite. It's true that adults tend to prefer one of those for receiving information. However; adults learn new skills such sales or service skills only one way: by doing. That said; because adults don’t do things just because you ask them to, when you want to [...]

Learning Styles, Anyone?2019-08-14T16:45:19-07:00