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Learning Styles, Anyone?

Audio, visual, tactile, experiential, kinesthetic…these are learning styles, right? Not quite. It's true that adults tend to prefer one of those for receiving information. However; adults learn new skills such sales or service skills only one way: by doing. That said; because adults don’t do things just because you ask them to, when you want to [...]

Learning Styles, Anyone?2019-08-14T16:45:19-07:00

How to Have More Workshop Time

When teaching skills such as telemarketing, selling, or service, you need to cover concepts and then provide lots of time for practice. Alas, workshop time is almost always at a premium. If you spend a lot of time teaching concepts, you won't have enough time to practice applying those concepts and the results will be unsatisfactory. [...]

How to Have More Workshop Time2019-08-14T16:46:08-07:00