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I’d Rather Have a Root Canal Than Do Cold Calling!

Who says telemarketing has to be torture?

Whether you’re making B2B or B2C cold calls, this book provides everything needed for success:

  • How to feel way more comfortable making cold calls
  • How to dump the myths that hold you back
  • How to create terrific, un-canned scripts that engage prospects
  • How to work with “gatekeepers”
  • Voicemail pros and cons — and how to get return calls
  • How to qualify prospects without also annoying the heck out of them
  • How to prevent many objections, and how to handle the rest
  • How to create your very own telemarketing plan that will actually work
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About the Author

Shawn Greene is a prospecting and sales performance expert who has built and maintained a successful business by picking up the phone.

In this long-awaited third edition, Shawn uses her trademark humor and before-and-after scripts to show you how to make effective, natural-sounding calls in sync with a consultative style. She shares practical tips, explains how to avoid common mistakes, and busts the myths that otherwise hold you back.

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“This superb book hits the nail right on the head. It’s loaded with real truths, honest insights, and profitable ideas that will transform your attitude about cold calling... It’s fun to read and it will be even more fun to make bank deposits based upon what you learn.”

- Jay Conrad Levinson, author, Guerrilla Marketing

“If you dread or fear cold calling, Shawn’s book will help jump-start you into action.”

- Stephan Schiffman, honored competitor
Buy now on: Amazon, iBooks and Barnes & Noble