Who says telemarketing has to be torture?

Whether you’re making B2B or B2C cold calls, this book covers what you need for success:

  • How to feel way more comfortable making cold calls
  • How to dump the myths that hold you back
  • How to create terrific, un-canned scripts that engage prospects
  • How to work with “gatekeepers”
  • Voicemail pros and cons — and how to get return calls
  • How to qualify prospects without also annoying the heck out of them
  • How to prevent many objections, and how to handle the rest
  • How to create your very own telemarketing plan that will actually work

(Published under Shawn’s maiden name, Shawn A. Greene)

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More from readers

“…gives you a step-by-step process to put together your scripts and handle objections. She also breaks everything down so you know how calling succeeds and why certain things are important to do. I really like Shawn’s straightforward approach and sense of humor.”

K. Hembree, Financial Advisor

“I’m a Shawn Greene junkie! Any chance I get – a talk, workshop, book – I’m all over it. Shawn zaps in fresh energy and new things I can apply to my business every time.”

J. Chapman, Business Consultant