Cold Calling Training


People leave training with everything they need for success with any kind of call, not just cold calls. They’re now able and willing to open all kinds of doors with prospects, customers, centers of influence – to name just a few. How this is accomplished…

Our consultative approach to cold calling works extremely well on both ends of the phone line. Callers feel more comfortable and confident, prospects appreciate the nature of the call and are far more open to taking next steps.

Practice focuses on writing and using effective scripts that sound genuine because they are indeed genuine. This work is based on each participant’s and your organization’s goals so participants leave with scripts ready to go.

Role play is conducted so participants refine their scripts as they practice calling itself. This process also reveals and eliminates ‘old’ thinking that would otherwise pull down calling performance.

Because there’s a learning curve for cold calling, participants are guided to complete their own plan to get through to the other side of that process. Many tools and best practices are provided to make this easier. (Coaching support can be provided, as well.)

Consultative style cold calling has completely natural fit with consultative selling. This program often has a positive effect on selling, even when the prospecting role is separate from selling.