Cold Calling Training


“I was dragging my feet about coming to training. I thought, ‘I’ve been calling for years and don’t need this.’ Within thirty minutes that thinking changed to, ‘Pay attention! You’re going to learn a lot today!'”  Shawn has obviously had hands-on experience and success with cold calling. Shawn’s sense of humor and no-nonsense handling of our objections made a big difference. She managed to challenge each of us, even though we all had varying levels of experience. She also managed to push us beyond old habits that don’t work well. I guess old dogs can learn new tricks.”
Mike Frith, Vice President, Mechanics Bank

“Either today was a really good day (thanks to you) or I am just lucky. The script works like a charm. I come across so full of confidence and knowledge that people couldn’t help but listen. It’s impressive to see my response rate grow like a balloon. Also, I have fun leaving a humorous voicemail. Makes me really enjoy my job even when I’m not hearing a ‘yes.'”
Ian Rainey, Commercial Insurance Account Executive

“I, too, would rather have a root canal than make cold calls. Her program gives you a step-by-step process to put together your scripts and handle objections. She also breaks everything down so you know how calling succeeds and why certain things are important to do. I really like Shawn’s straight-forward approach to this problem, her hands-on help and personalized script critiques. Her sense of humor is a big plus, as well. If you want a program that covers everything about calling prospects, whether they are individuals or businesses, this one is for you.”
Kim Hembree, CRPC

“Everybody got a lot out of the training. Heck, you even won Rusty over.”
Wayne Keddy, CEO, Granite Payment Alliance

“I found myself stuck in my telephone efforts, having only lackluster results. Shawn’s program was like a breath of fresh air. Almost immediately I found myself immersed in a gold mine of tips and ideas that made perfect sense. On that note it made perfect sense to have Shawn as my coach. I’ve never had to look back. She genuinely cares about the people whose lives she touches and truly wants the best for them. It comes through in her writing, program, and coaching. She has what I like to think of as an open door policy. Always there if you need help or an idea. We all get stuck from time to time and I find it comforting to know that all I have to do is pick up the phone and Shawn’s right there to help in any way she can. The program helped me generate improved results with less time and effort.”
Howard McKeever, Liverpool, New York