Cold Calling Training


“Webinar” means live delivery using WebEx or similar delivery platform.Webinar
Sessions are often delivered over the course of three to five weeks, giving participants time to practice in between. (Description below covers three weeks.)

  • Customized examples
  • Lively, practical sessions open for your questions or comments
  • Sessions may be recorded for convenient play-back
  • Toolkit including scripting formats, tips, and tools
  • Personal one-on-one coaching or small group coaching available

Week 1

Session One: Ending the Root Canal Effect, Setting a Solid Foundation for Success

First things first — gotta dump the weight of negative images and other baggage. You will learn:

  • The real source of “call reluctance” and how to overturn it
  • What drives prospects crazy and how to avoid that
  • How to leverage cold calling’s strengths and avoid its weaknesses
  • What is myth…and what is reality

You’ll also learn important foundation concepts and strategies for consultative style calling, including how to prevent frustration on your end of the line and push-back on the prospects’ end.

Session Two: Mastering Key Types of Calls

Now concepts and strategies are applied in examples of what not to do — and what to do instead. Examples cover calls for B2B and B2C (and fundraising calls) as per the needs of the class/group. Examples and discussion also cover calls combined with mailing, as well as other topics. You will learn:

  • How to avoid common problems
  • How to differentiate yourself and project a highly professional image
  • How to spark interest and prevent objections
  • How to write scripts that sound and feel natural
  • How to open doors and lay groundwork for a smooth transition to selling


Week 2

Session Three: Working with Gatekeepers, Qualifying Prospects

Think “Gatekeepers” live to block you? Think again! You will learn how to engage gatekeepers as allies so you can:

  • Locate the right people
  • Reach your prospects

Just how hot is that prospect? That’s what qualifying is all about. Unfortunately, qualifying can also be a quagmire. You’ll have the chance to submit your qualifying questions and challenges in advance. Using these as our examples you will learn:

  • Which questions work well in cold calling
  • Which questions to hold for later (and why)
  • How to qualify without also annoying prospects
  • How to qualify without asking questions at all

Session Four: Leveraging Voicemail, Handling Objections

Is it effective to leave voicemail messages or not? The answer is “yes.” You’ll get honest input on the pros and cons. We’ll then turn to the art of voicemail. You will learn:

  • Effective voicemail strategies
  • How to create and leave messages that generate return calls
  • How to enjoy yourself along the way

This session also covers handling objections. In advance of this session you’ll have the chance to submit the objections you encounter. Using these and other common objections as our examples you will learn:

  • How to handle objections without arguing with prospects
  • How to leave doors open…and how to avoid wasting your energy

Week 3

Planning to Succeed

Session Five: What’s Next?

Let’s face it–it’s mostly up to you from here. This session equips you to avoid common mistakes and successfully use consultative style calling for any purpose from this point on. In addition to participating in open discussion and trouble-shooting you will learn:

  • What the learning curve feels like and how to get through it using two simple tools
  • How to adjust scripts so they feel fresh and remain effective
  • How to fit calling into a busy schedule
  • How to measure success and establish your own “numbers”


Personal one-on-one and/or small group coaching can be included.

  • Fine-tune or create new scripts
  • Trouble-shoot prospecting and selling issues
  • Get reality checks and encouragement

Coaching may be used any time within twelve months, which brings us to another use for it: A refresher…even if it’s been months since people completed the program.