Customer Service Training

Powerful, Principled Service

Service excellence is a must for most organizations. This program equips reps with the skills and mindset they need to provide outstanding customer service on a timely basis.

Service Excellence

When service reps have a positive image of their role, they take more pride in their work. This pride – and sense of ownership — underpins service excellence and so training develops these traits. Participants:

  • Discuss what makes their work challenging and rewarding
  • Learn how service skills can benefit them personally
  • Define what service excellence means to them

The Not-so-Basics

Many reps have not had the life experience to know what good service looks, sounds and feels like. Others have developed bad habits that must be replaced. Participants learn:

  • Basic phone courtesy and/or how to greet customers in person
  • How to manage service using a customer-focused process
  • How to engage customers along the way

The Finer Elements

Providing excellent service includes figuring out what’s right for the customer, balancing that with what’s right for the company, and communicating well. Participants learn to work with each customer:

  • How to clarify their request, problem, and situation when needed
  • How to identify the best options and solution available
  • How to explain options, procedures, and next steps
  • How to talk about policy with tact and ease

Preventing Annoyance

Service reps deal with problems or complaints they didn’t create. On the other hand, they often say and do things that annoy even the happiest customers. Participants learn:

  • How to greet customers who are (or have been) waiting for help
  • How to avoid common errors, such as dead air
  • How to say “no,” transfer, and refer

Defusing Upset and Handling Objections

Many people work themselves up into a tizzy before contacting customer service. Addressing the issues is far more difficult when they’re in that frame of mind. In addition to learning how to handle objections, participants learn:

  • Why customers do this, making it easier not to take things personally
  • How to uncover the real issues and defuse them at the same time
  • How to engage the customer in moving forward
  • What to do when the above isn’t possible


Customer service reps often have a tough job. They may have few options or solutions to offer. Sales may over-promise, creating service issues. Talk time requirements add pressure. This program teaches reps to handle these challenges, covering things such as:

  • How to shake off a bad experience without bad-mouthing the customer
  • How to work as a team; e.g., swapping reps when all else has failed
  • What they do not have to “take” and what to do about it
  • Working with reality rather than fighting it


  • Timeframe: One to two full days
  • Suitable for in-person service or call centers
  • Easily adjusted to address coverage issues
  • Defusing Upset and Handling Objections module may be delivered on a stand-alone basis
“Thank you for the spectacular class you developed and delivered for our call center. Appreciate your insight, wisdom, input and teamwork.”
Kay Armstrong, Direct Banking Manager, Tri Counties Bank