Customer Service Training

Sales for Service Reps

Teaches fundamental selling skills that fit seamlessly with call center or in-person service: How to move from reacting to requests and complaints into proactive customer-focused selling; uncover wants and needs; position benefits and personalized value; and ask for the business.

Reluctant Sellers?

These days, most service reps are also expected to sell. But that doesn’t mean they all embrace the role. This program tackles those issues, which also lays the foundation for a consultative approach.

From Reactive to Proactive

Participants learn how to:

  • Smoothly transition into selling, engaging the customer in the process
  • Quickly uncover wants, needs, preferences; and qualify when applicable
  • Identify suitable products and services, as well as any recommended changes

Present and Close

Participants learn how to:

  • Describe suggestions or make offers using personalized benefit statements
  • Prevent objections and educate when needed
  • Ask for the business


The above skills are shaped around using a customized Framework, which keeps conversations efficiently on-track.

Throughout the program, participants learn what is myth and what is reality, helping them cast off beliefs and behaviors that undermine success.


  • Timeframe: One to two full days
  • Suitable for in-person or call center environments
  • Also suitable for entry-level sales representatives who will not be engaged in a complex sale
  • Easily adjusted to accommodate scheduling or coverage issues
“Thank you for the spectacular class you developed and delivered for our call center. Appreciate your insight, wisdom, input and teamwork.”
Kay Armstrong, Direct Banking Manager, Tri Counties Bank