Sales skills add power
to design

Sales skills make us highly effective consultants; from gathering information and content, to uncovering hidden barriers and ways to address them. Using these skills, we ensure your workshops, eLearning and other deliverables do what they’re supposed to do.

Experience Overview

We’ve created training and instructional tools that tackle complex topics; such as asset-based lending, loans for start-ups, mortgage underwriting for non-lenders, reducing escalation to managers, and interdepartmental team building.

We’ve done the same for simple topics; such as work aids that prevent common errors, and a user’s guide for a household vacuum-packer.

We know how to help you ensure compliance is high. We know how to make policy, procedures and guidelines easy to find, understand and apply.

We’re skilled in customizing our sales and service training programs, as well as creating programs to meet clients’ unique or proprietary needs.

Deliverables Overview

  • Workshops, seminars, webinars
  • Related handouts and leader’s guides
  • Self-study, eLearning
  • Managers’ and executives’ briefing
  • Policy and procedure references
  • Content and training management guides

eLearning Authoring

There’s one more thing we bring to each client: we teach design to anyone who wants to learn, adding valuable internal resources.

More from our clients

“Thank you for the hard work and wonderful support you gave us on our manuals project. The references and other tools you created are not just easy to use, they’re vital to our growth plans. Although the project was tedious, your knowledge and sense of humor made it enjoyable!”

K. Marcus, SVP

“I want to thank you for your hard work. You have seen us at our worst and our best as we tackle the reinvention of how we train and the content of our training. Any time an institution takes on the task of changing its sales culture there is pain and this process was no exception. You had a knack for getting us to look at issues we’d been avoiding, helping us resolve them and then move forward. Though it all, your perseverance and focus on the final outcome allowed us to get through it and the end result is a professionally attuned training curriculum.”

N. Bowen, Associate Director

“We have an excellent (ID) team but they don’t have your sales expertise, much less the bandwidth. You’ve designed a curriculum which combines our best practices with those you bring to the table, meeting goals for flexible programs and elearning suitable for diverse roles and training needs on a global basis. We no longer need to compromise our sales culture or fill gaps inherent with costly 3rd-party training.”

SVP, Corporate Learning and Development

“I am absolutely astounded. I didn’t think it was possible to make it as clear and simple as you did. And creating two forms was another brilliant stroke.”

K. Fox, Director of compliance