Dear Shawn:

After reading your book (great book, by the way), I have been cold calling every day and tracking results. I’m not getting the appointments I need. I’m calling homes during the day. My best day, I called 87 people and connected with 16 and got 2 appointments. But on the other days I made almost 150 calls and only connected with maybe 35 people, and got only one appointment. I don’t want to call during the evening. Am I doing something wrong?

Shawn says:

Glad you liked the book! Here’s what you’re doing right: Tracking calls to see how you’re doing. And here’s what you’re doing wrong: You’re calling people at home during the time when most are at work. It’s no wonder you’re not connecting with enough people. I have two suggestions for you:

Suggestion #1: Call in the evening!

You wrote that you don’t want to call in the evening. If that is your own preference, then your best option may be to use a marketing tool that is available during the day. Direct mail might do the job. Networking at events where you can meet your prospects might be the way to go. A mix of those and other tools is probably best.

If you don’t want to call people in the evening because you’re worried about bothering them… Well, jeez! The consultative approach demonstrates respect for people’s time; as well as respect for their needs, wants and interests. The same approach succeeds whether calling in the daytime or evening.

Suggestion #2: Try calling businesses.

There are three flavors of this option. Flavor A is calling individuals at all levels of the business hierarchy at their place of work. Flavor B is focusing on owners and principals of medium and small businesses. (You’ll probably need a good list for either of these to work; however, a list for flavor B may be less expensive.)

Flavor C has you offering a related service to a company’s employees. For example, if you’re selling something that has to do with nutrition or cosmetics, you could offer to come in and give a free talk to employees on that topic. Call HR or the company owner to make this offer. Be sure the talk will be informative — not an infomercial.