Intensive training for those with at least some sales experience: How to prepare and conduct effective sales meetings that uncover wants, needs, priorities and perspective; prevent objections; subtly educate when needed; develop rapport; qualify; and close new business.

Preparing and Conducting Sales Meetings

An organized approach to each sale is the foundation for success. This program teaches use of a consultative framework to manage and subtly control each conversation. Participants learn how to:

  • Prepare for effective sales conversations with each unique prospect
  • Engage prospects in the sale from the start, and develop good rapport
  • Project a confident, professional image (even if they don’t feel that way)


Effective qualifying is about two things;  uncovering the fit, and establishing how hot of a prospect you’ve got. Participants learn how to:

  • Use questioning techniques to uncover wants, needs, interests, and perspective
  • Use questioning techniques to qualify on all key issues, including budget and decision
  • Use information uncovered to determine next steps

Presenting and Positioning

The most common error salespeople make is to talk too much. Preparation, using the Framework, and asking the right questions take care of this problem. The second most frequent error is to talk about the wrong things—or talk at the wrong time. Participants learn:

  • How to use information uncovered to effectively position products and services
  • When it’s best to address something the prospect said, and when it’s best to wait
  • How to prevent objections, and subtly educate when needed


“Closing” works best when its seamless – a step that feels natural. On the other hand, the third most common sales error is to wait for the prospect to do the closing for you. Participants learn how to:

  • Recognize when to ask for the business vs. when to ask for next steps
  • Ask for the business—how to close effectively and professionally
  • Refer prospects to others or gracefully bow out when needed


Participants learn how to address common barriers to a sale; such as reaching other stakeholders and decision makers.

The program teaches how to objectively rate prospects; allowing for better projections and appropriate focus

Throughout the program, participants learn what is myth and what is reality; helping them cast off beliefs and behaviors that undermine success. Fundamentals, such as expressing benefits, are refreshed when needed.


  • Timeframe: One to two full days
  • Suitable for in-person or telephone sales
  • Can be customized for entry-level sales representatives