Sales Training


Participants leave training with significantly stronger skills, effective tools for their unique sales environment, far greater confidence, and a high degree of ownership over their own success. How this is accomplished…

We teach proven consultative sales models that work in the real world. Materials, examples and exercises are customized for a seamless fit with your organization. All of this makes for a smooth transfer from workshop to work.

Participants learn not just to sell, but also how to prepare for each sales opportunity. This means they can succeed even as your target market, challenges, and products and services change over time.

Role play is conducted so it provides a high amount of extremely realistic practice. Class size is generally small, ensuring each person is engaged, challenged—and learning—no matter their original skill level.

Participants are encouraged and pushed to ‘own’ the nuances of how they apply the models and skills. Trainers do this, in part, by clarifying each person’s strengths throughout the program. These aspects of our approach generate greater confidence and motivation to excel.

In many programs, participants also learn how to coach each other. This promotes stronger teamwork and removes a number of barriers to full return on the training investment.

“You made me realize I was leaving a lot of business on the table. No more!”
Stephen Howards, Account Executive, Commercial Lines