Sales Training

Sales Testimonials

“Our organization had several sales performance issues. I was impressed with Shawn’s own handling of the sales process, including her initial cold call to me, and awarded her company the contract. I recommend Shawn’s programs to any business that wants their representatives to step out of their comfort zone and really learn new skills. Her cold calling program is especially remarkable, given the degree of resistance most have to making calls. She teaches a professional and effective approach, also ensuring each person has the tools they need to make adjustments for their particular target market.”
D. Nelson, Training Director, California Bancshares

“I’ve been to many, many sales training programs. This was different. It was presented in a way that made sense. This was the quality of training we needed.”
Linda Morris, Branch Manager, Mechanics Bank

“Thank you for a terrific workshop. This is the best investment I ever made. Everyone commented on how ‘real’ it was. We’re applying what you taught us, thanks to Le Sandwiche (coaching feedback technique). I didn’t realize how useful it was to teach the reps to coach each other until a few days after training. My own coaching efforts kept slipping down the to-do list, but it didn’t matter.”
Elaine Clark, General Manager, RDS

“This was my second workshop and both were wonderful. Exactly what I need to prepare and act with confidence.”
Commercial Insurance Broker

“You made me realize I was leaving a lot of business on the table. No more!”
Commercial Banker

“I’ve been to many classes on sales. Without a doubt, yours was the most practical, meaningful and inspiring.”
Independent Consultant

“That model you taught for handling objections is spot-on. Thanks for putting up with all of my push-back on it, by the way. You were right about it coming in handy in personal life, too. In fact, that night I applied the model with our eldest, the surly teen, and was happily shocked to see it work! Used it the next day with prospects and was sold from then on.”
Jason Olster, Office Furniture Sales

“Thought I’d share a few comments on the training. In the entire week, I learned a lot and never got bored. You included everyone in the group, and covered a lot of topics in a very efficient and effective way. You knew what you were doing and could answer any question we had. You were also attentive to our needs and made learning easier. I left with everything I needed, including more confidence.”
Student Loan Counselor, Edfund

“You made me realize I was leaving a lot of business on the table. No more!”
Stephen Howards, Account Executive, Commercial Lines