Three things energize training for your team

Years of prospecting and sales success

We know what works: training teaches a consultative style (including for cold calling), includes a high amount of practice, and builds skills that drive success in the real world.

We also know what doesn’t work: we can identify the source of performance problems and will recommend effective solutions, even when that’s not training.

Instructional design is part of our DNA

Cookie-cutter training doesn’t work well and fails to respect the reps’ time and effort.

Our training fits—from examples that make sense, to covering objections that actually arise, to realistic role play — without the high cost of designing from scratch.

We teach people
to coach
each other

Most people complete their learning curve after training. Some companies try to address this by selling post-training coaching services. There’s a better way.

Your team learns how to coach each other—it’s built seamlessly into training. This supports completion of the learning curve and makes professional development self-sustaining.

Training Programs

Because we can and do create fully-custom training, the programs below are just the beginning. (Some also represent Shawn Greene’s most popular speaking programs.)

I’d Rather Have a Root Canal Than do Cold Calling!

Everything needed for success — and greater ease — with telemarketing; including scripting, qualifying, handling obj ections, dealing with gatekeepers and other challenges, and managing calling campaigns.

The Art of Consultative Selling

How to prepare for and conduct successful sales conversations; including asking effective questions, preventing objections, developing rapport, positioning value for each prospect, qualifying, closing, and rating prospects.

The Art of Sales – for Service Reps

Many service reps wear two hats. This program teaches them to comfortably wear both by building sales skills that fit seamlessly with call center or in-person service.

Handling Objections

Handling objections is a ubiquitously valuable skill but has special value in sales and service situations. This program goes beyond the usual and teaches how to handle hidden and completely unexpected objections.

More from our clients

“The stats on your consultative calling webinar reveal its success. 1,275 attended – triple what we expected. 900 more accessed the recording. Active calling increased by 50%. Appointments increased over 100%. ”
SVP, Wealth Management Group

“This was my second workshop and both were wonderful. Exactly what I need to prepare and act with confidence.”

Commercial Insurance Broker
“You didn’t come in and lecture us about how to do our job. You came in and showed us you know what our job is like. That made me pay attention and do what you were teaching us.”
Call Center Rep
“Training made me realize I was leaving a lot of business on the table. No more!”
Commercial Banker

“I was dragging my feet about coming to training. I thought, ‘I’ve been calling for years and don’t need this.’ Within thirty minutes that thinking changed to, ‘Pay attention! You’re going to learn a lot today!'”

M. Frith, Branch Manager

“I really liked the ‘so what’ game. Now I don’t want to hide when our manager says we are a sales team.”

Credit Union Teller