How to Save the World with Post-itsThink that’s a lofty title? The Post-it method helps you tap your creativity, focus effectively, plan and follow through brilliantly, and even sleep better at night. Who knows what that might lead to?

The Post-it method is effective for creating work aids, and vital for creating training programs or comprehensive curriculum. It’s perfect for prepping to storyboard elearning, and for plotting that into the platform of your choice.

Ditto when you need to create a report, paper, plan, presentation or proposal. A terrific tool to use when you want to reinvent or refocus or regroup.

It’s ideal when you need to get a handle on preparing your organization to roll out new products, comply with regulations, or handle a merger. Same goes for creating marketing strategy or scheduling the timing to apply the strategy.

If you need to determine what to delegate and what to do yourself, when you’re not sure which resources you have and which you need to locate – start with the Post-it method.

The method helps you prepare for questions and objections. You can use it to figure out website navigation. When you have a decision to make and the good old pros and cons list isn’t cutting it, upgrade to the Post-it method.

You can use it to figure out what should be on your vacation to-do list. You can put it to work so you’re no longer stuck “pantsing” your novel’s outline and each character’s story arc. If the moving parts in the move-Dad project have been keeping you up at night, the Post-it method can give you some peace.

Those are just some of the situations for which the method is the perfect tool. Here is why it works so very well:

You Can Use it on Your Own

There are many articles about using Post-its to facilitate group processes. The method covered here you can use it by yourself – something we often need to do.

Brainstorm by Yourself

Brainstorming is an important first step we tend to skip, especially when working on our own.

We skip it in an effort to get stuff done quickly. We skip it because we think it should be done in a group and scheduling is impossible. We skip it because we think the task is too simple for brainstorming.

When the brainstorming step is skipped, things often move slower than they should, go sideways or get completely stuck. The Post-it method prevents these problems.

Again: This is a method you easily apply on your own when you need to, including to prepare for a brainstorming meeting. (If you’ve ever spent half of a “brainstorm” session mired in discussion about how or why you’re brainstorming, you know why this can be a good idea.)

Clarify and Organize

The Post-it method makes it much easier to clarify what you want to cover or do, and when. A major reason this method works so well is because you can step back to see – and absorb – the whole of it. You can also easily make changes, take a look again, and make more changes if needed.

All of that takes much longer when cutting and pasting and scrolling back and forth using a device. What’s more, once you’ve completed the Post-it method you have an instant outline.

Prioritize and Prune

Remember struggling to expand on something to make your grade school writing teacher happy? All those “must be at least five double-spaced typed pages” assignments have come back to bite us. It’s now more likely you have to fit report content, meeting agendas, presentations, and training programs within a space that seems too small.

The Post-it method makes prioritizing and pruning easier. One reason is by seeing the whole you can choose what to cut more easily. Another reason is the physical movement involved – it helps us get out of our head.

Focus, and Quell the Racket

Brainstorming is equal parts freewheeling creativity and problem-solving. Once the storm is over, those need to become more focused and the Post-it method facilitates this, too.

In addition, the method focuses your attention on the high or general level. This actually prevents you from becoming mired in the weeds later. (If you’ve already gotten stuck, stepping ‘back’ to complete the Post-it method will clear the weeds and prevent further problems.)

Perhaps best of all, the method helps get thoughts and worries out of your head and into manageable form so you can rest easier.

A Valuable and Versatile Tool

Whether you have one project or too many plates in the air, the Post-it method will put you on the right path. It’s applicable for almost anything requiring creativity, organization and planning. Click here for the method, step by step.

Not Sponsored by Post-its

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