Speaking Programs

Shawn Greene is a highly informative and engaging speaker known for providing surprisingly practical value for broad – and demanding – audiences.

Programs include I’d Rather Have a Root Canal Than do Cold Calling! and Six Things People do to Sabotage Sales Success.

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“I’d Rather Have a Root Canal Than do Cold Calling!”®
Cold calling is a great marketing tool for many types of businesses. It also comes with baggage that can get in the way of success. In this very popular program, Shawn Greene reveals the true source of “call reluctance” and how to get rid of it. As importantly, attendees learn how to make consultative style cold calls that most prospects welcome.This cold calling program covers:

  • The nuances of creating cold calling scripts that open doors for new business.
  • How to avoid common mistakes, such as trying to “warm” calls up by mailing ahead.
  • How to succeed with business-to-business calls, including how to deal with gatekeepers.
  • How to succeed with business-to-consumer calls, including how to love the Do Not Call list.
  • How to use voicemail effectively, and how to determine if you should leave voicemails at all.

Whether your group is large or small, old sales dogs or rookies, you’ll find Shawn Greene engages their attention with humor and the high quality of information. Attendees will appreciate the script examples specifically selected for your audience. And they’ll walk away with practical tips they can immediately apply.

This program can also be delivered in break-out session format.

Six Things People Do To Undermine Sales Success There are six things people do to undermine their own sales success, often without realizing it:

  1. They act on unrealistic expectations, which produces push-back from prospects and frustration for themselves.
  2. They avoid the phone, unsure how to show professionalism at the same time…or because they’d rather re-organize their paperclips (anything but cold call).
  3. They fail to manage sales conversations; jumping from topic to topic, getting mired in the weeds, and talking at prospects instead of talking with them.
  4. Many people avoid asking important questions — the very questions they need to qualify prospects and close new business.
  5. Due to a common quirk in communication; people often handle the wrong objection, which leaves the real issues alive and kicking.
  6. Last but not least, many people have no idea how to realistically rate prospects to identify their best opportunities. Hint: Using stages, process, or your gut feeling won’t do the job.

This program tells people how to fix these common errors and bad habits. It’s a particularly popular choice for audiences that include a wide mix of experience and/or industries.

As always, Shawn Greene’s wit and clear expertise will engage the group from the start. During Q and A, she’ll circle-back to topics as the group wishes, customizing on the spot.


Partner for Success

Shawn Greene knows a lot of work goes into a successful event and she’s happy to partner with you to make it happen:

  • Tailoring programs to fit into your timeframe – allowing for plenty of interaction and questions.
  • Providing program descriptions that help spark interest.
  • Customizing program handouts to show off your organization and event.
  • Delivering a lively program that avoids slideshow nap-time.
  • Providing a talk and take-home materials that attendees value.

Clients can also rest assured Shawn will leave her self-promotion hat at home.

“This was an awesome program. Many people said they’d wished it could have gone longer, which is a compliment to you.”
Susan Wheeler, American Marketing Association