Shawn owns and leads the company.

Her sales expertise is founded in direct experience in selling services — including but not limited to banking. Shawn continues to develop business for Savage and Greene, ensuring our training equips reps to handle today’s challenges.

When Shawn was a sales rep for a training company, she learned that a penchant for asking questions, talent as an explainer, and writing skills could be combined in “instructional design.” She’s been a professional designer since 1993.

Shawn got hitched in 2012 and eventually let the business world know her last name is “Davis.” She lives with her husband and monster kitty. For fun, she and her husband play golf, kick back and watch NASCAR, and try to resist the kitty’s attempts to persuade them it’s already dinnertime.

Savage and Greene opened its doors in 1995. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, we serve clients all over the US.

Many clients are financial services companies: banks, credit unions, insurance brokers and providers, and financial advisors.

Shawn Greene specializes in speaking on cold calling, and sales.

“We knew this was a hot topic because we had one of our highest turn-outs ever and you did not disappoint. You’re a terrific speaker! Entertaining, interactive, right on point with advice. You managed to include time for questions but stick to our timeframe.” (M. Schultz)

When it came time to name her company Shawn chose to honor her mom, Theresa Savage, for raising her to have the guts to be herself…and to eventually run her own business.

As Theresa put it, “I wanted my daughters, especially, to have a certain sassiness — to stand up for themselves and be bold. Shawn was sassy from the get-go, which did especially try my patience during her teenage years.”

At the time, Shawn’s last name was Greene.

More from our clients

“We had bad experiences with cookie-cutter training. The work you did made all the difference. Built enthusiasm, taught our team skills they need every day, gave them practical tools to follow through. Though we’ll probably have you back, we (managers) also feel ready to use the trainers guides.”

K. Heib, Call Center Manager

“Thank you for a terrific workshop. This is the best investment I ever made… I didn’t realize how useful it was to teach the reps to coach each other until a few days after training. My own coaching efforts kept slipping down the to-do list but it didn’t matter.”

E. Clark, General Manager

“Everybody got a lot out of training. Heck, you even won Rusty over.”

W. Keddy, CEO

“You pushed back hard and you were right. Steering us away from our first plan probably avoided a landmine.”

SVP, Private Banking

“Shawn Greene, you are a pain. Persistent. Focused. Courageous. Thank you.”

L. Dawson, SVP