Sales training for exponential performance

Effective, pragmatic instructional design

Each skill set adds power to the other

Sales & Service Training

Consultative cold calling
Consultative selling
Customer service

Cookie-cutter training doesn’t work well. It brushes over the issues, fails to respect the reps’ time and effort, and has a poor return on the training investment.

As sales performance experts, we know how to address weaknesses and build on current strengths. Instructional design expertise means our training fits perfectly without the high cost of designing from scratch. Examples make sense, we cover challenges that actually arise, and any role play is realistic – all of which ensure reps learn what they need to.

Instructional Design

Workshops & webinars
Self-study & references

Most instructional design involves consulting; whether the project is a single webinar, a full set of policy references, or comprehensive curriculum.

Our sales skills make us highly effective consultants: from engaging SMEs  and stakeholders as we gather information, to uncovering barriers and pragmatic ways to address them, to building buy-in among users.

We apply both skill sets – sales and design – to ensure your eLearning, workshops and other deliverables do what they’re supposed to do.

What Clients Say

“I’d recommend your workshops to any business that wants their representatives to step out of their comfort zone and really learn new skills.”

D. Nelson, Training Director
“…You had a knack for getting us to look at issues we’d been avoiding, helping us resolve them and then move forward… The end result is a professionally attuned training curriculum.”
N. Bowen, Associate Director

“Excellent keynote! The right energy, content, and attention to organizational details. Thanks for helping make our Sales Summit a tremendous success.”

A. Hudson, Regional Director

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Shawn (Greene) Davis

  • Lead consultant & designer
  • Prospecting & sales performance expert
  • Author of I’d Rather Have a Root Canal Than do Cold Calling!